Expertise and discipline applied to implementation, optimization, and migration services.

Accord Consulting provides in-depth business, product, and industry expertise that helps you quickly realize your business objectives. Our professionals work with you to rapidly implement the right solution, identify improvement opportunities, analyze business problems, capture business requirements, add value to your existing systems, and manage change. They do this by following a disciplined implementation methodology honed from many years of experience to control risk and ensure your project is on time and on budget.


 Accord Consulting helps companies like yours:

· Establish a focused strategic direction 

· Implement business-specific solutions in shorter timeframes 

· Improve enterprise performance 

· Optimize operational quality 

· Optimize your solution environment 

· Migrate smoothly to new versions of Accord solutions



Start here to begin improving productivity.

A flexible program of ongoing education can help you meet the demands of your workforce and your business.

Accord Education provides multi-faceted learning opportunities that allow your company to grow as your people grow.

Accord Education helps companies like yours:

· Maximize performance and productivity

· Reduce training expenses

· Reduce employee downtime

· Maximize skills retention

Accord’s domain expertise, knowledge of best practices, and experience in using our solutions to solve business challenges ensure that our education programs offer real value to your workforce. Through our flexible format, we can add classes quickly to reflect new releases, products, and advanced learning concepts. And all participants can tap into our library of learning resources, including training guides, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and other materials.

Custom Software Development

Application framework enhancement delivered by experts.

Accord solutions drive productivity to new heights while driving down operational and ownership costs in nearly every situation. Yet, every business has unique requirements for success, so our solutions include the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Accord Solution Development helps customers enhance their existing application framework and add customizations at a sensible cost. Accord experts can assist you by creating customizations that will keep your costs low, both now and in the future.

Accord Solution Development helps companies like yours:

· Preserve unique business processes without adding expense 

· Keep future maintenance and upgrade costs to a minimum 

· Create new functionality by leveraging reusable, business-specific software components 

· Take advantage of Accord’s expertise to build a framework that will improve your business


Accord Solution Development offers services such as data migration, application tuning, software development, and integration to Accord or third party applications. We can help you control the costs of future upgrades while preserving the business processes that make your business special. And with our reusable software components, you'll be surprised at how quickly and cost-effectively you can reach your goals.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Get faster implementation at lower total cost of ownership.

In today's fast-changing, demanding business environment, implementing and maintaining enterprise-wide systems has become one of the greatest challenges organizations face. That's why Accord offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option for our most popular applications. These options offer you the same functionality available in on-premise software, with the flexibility of on-demand access from Accord through licensed or subscription-based pricing. 

Companies that don't want to deal with IT infrastructure and deployment requirements can choose Accord’s SaaS options.